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I am not in network with any insurance providers; however, I’m happy to talk with you about how to access out of network (OON) benefits through your health insurance program. I provide a superbill that can be used to file for reimbursement.

I found this article written by Kevin Hayden to be quite helpful in explaining the process. Just click on the article title to access it. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

A Comprehensive Guide: How to Use Your Out of Network Benefits for Therapy

ConsultationIntroductory 15 minute consultation via phone or video call to help determine client needs and therapist-client goodness-of-fit.No charge
Intake/Diagnostic InterviewComprehensive diagnostic interview and formulation of treatment plan in collaboration with client. Each new therapy client begins with an intake interview.$220
Therapy 50 minute session$165
Therapy 30 minute session$100
Academic, processing or social-emotional assessmentsAcademic, processing or social-emotional measures can be requested based on specific evaluation questions, and these are billed at an hourly rate. Once the assessments are determined, I can provide an estimate of the number of hours needed.$220/hour
Cognitive (IQ) TestingCompletion of an IQ test, written report of the results, and a 30-minute feedback session.$500
ADHD Evaluation Ages 22 and upIncludes diagnostic interview, assessment of executive functioning and attention, ratings of executive functioning from client (and other informants if possible), executive functioning analysis with suggestions for goal-setting, feedback session and written report of all findings.$800 - 1400 depending on the measures given and the complexity of the written report.
Executive Functioning Assessment and written Goal-Setting plan ages 18 and upThis is for individuals who already have an ADHD diagnosis and/or do not need a diagnosis, but who want information that can be used to guide ADHD coaching. It includes scoring of two measures of executive functioning, an hour session including feedback on executive functioning profile and formulation of an executive functioning goal-setting plan, and a written goal-setting plan.$500
Social-Emotional Evaluation/ADHD Evaluation up to age 21Includes diagnostic interview, assessment of executive functioning, attention and behavior/emotional functioning from multiple raters, personalized recommendations, executive functioning analysis with suggestions for goal-setting, feedback session and written report of all findings. Includes teen/young adult feedback session if applicable.$1800
Psychoeducational Evaluation ages 6 - 21Comprehensive assessment including diagnostic interview, IQ, achievement, processing, behavior ratings, executive functioning/attentional functioning, feedback session, personalized recommendations, and written evaluation report. Includes a follow-up consultation within the year and a separate teen/young adult feedback session if applicable.$3600
Nelson-Denny Standardized Reading TestThis is a standardized measure for ages 15 through college-age comparing standard versus extended timed testing that approximates group administered standardized testing like the ACT, SAT or GRE exams. While not needed for all psychoeducational evaluations, it can help strengthen the case for extended time for high school and college students. Given that it adds significant time to an evaluation, it results in an additional fee on top of the psychoeducational evaluation fee.$400
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