I offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss what assessment plan might fit your needs.

Mary Helen Hunt, PhD provides comprehensive psychological assessment services to individuals of all ages.
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Defining the problem accurately is the first step to intervening effectively. It can be hard to know what to do without a clear picture of the problem. That is where a detailed assessment and intervention plan can ensure that you are directing resources appropriately. Assessment services can be targeted and specific, or offer a more comprehensive, wide-angle view.

Assessments for school-age through college students are usually comprehensive in nature and obtain multiple viewpoints including behavior ratings from parents, teachers and from the student, in addition to testing completed in a one-on-one setting.

Assessments for adults tend to be more focused on a specific question such as whether attention problems, anxiety or depression symptoms might be getting in the way of functioning. Together we can make a plan of assessment to inform accurate diagnosis and guide intervention based on a clear understanding of the problem.

Recently, I’ve also been VA trained and am enjoying the opportunity to assess veterans as part of their Compensation and Pension Exams. 

Types of assessments offered:

  • Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations for learning, emotional, behavioral and attention concerns.
  • Reevaluation of previously diagnosed learning, emotional or attention problems to use in college or graduate school planning.
  • Assessment/diagnosis of ADHD, detailed executive functioning analysis, and personalized goal setting plan to be used in therapy or coaching.
  • C&P examinations are offered through a contract relationship with Warrior Vets Medical Services, PLLC, and not directly through my private practice.
I do not hire other clinicians to conduct any part of my evaluations; all testing is completed by me, a doctoral level licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist with more than 25 years of assessment expertise.

Remote, Hybrid and In-Person testing options:

Some assessments, such as social-emotional evaluations and ADHD assessments, can be easily conducted entirely remotely. This is done through online ratings, and interviews and self-report assessments conducted in real time using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations include cognitive, academic, memory and processing measures, which are components that are best conducted in person. For most psychoeducational evaluations, a hybrid model that includes telehealth sessions for intake and feedback sessions, and in-person testing testing sessions is a very effective model. My in-person testing sessions are conducted in my Atlanta area office located at 1 Concourse Pkwy, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA  30328.

Components of a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation:

  1. Intake session with parents (60 minutes, in person of telehealth)
  2. Two testing sessions for the student of about 3 hours each, conducted in person. One of these can be on a Saturday to reduce time out of school.
  3. Feedback session with parents  (75 minutes, in person or telehealth).
  4. Detailed written evaluation report 25+ pages with testing results, diagnoses if appropriate, and recommendations.
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