I have been on a quest to help others thrive for more than 20 years. I have collaborated in a variety of professional and educational environments, from public and private schools, universities, private practice, remote health care settings, and now in your living room, by way of virtual technology! I began a shift to remote delivery of services after moving from Atlanta in 2016. Like any good life-upending transition, it became an opportunity to develop new expertise in telehealth and the tools to deliver high quality care to clients from a distance. I had no idea how important these skills would become in 2020.

I am a licensed psychologist in Georgia and Connecticut, approved to provide teletherapy in the state of Florida, and a nationally and state certified school psychologist. I am an eternal learner and advocate for evidence-based practices in mental health because they work; it is not magic, and you can learn these strategies, too. I can’t help it if I get overly excited about neuroplasticity and the ability make physical changes in the brain by practicing new habits! That is amazing and empowering. I tend to be straightforward, structured, and down-to-earth in my approach. I have a holistic view of mental health, which means attending to health habits such as sleep, exercise and nutrition on the journey to improving overall functioning.I want to help you develop insight, and a personalized set of tools and skills to meet life’s challenges with greater resilience and confidence.

Connecticut, Licensed Psychologist #3607

Georgia, Licensed Psychologist #2736

Florida Telehealth Provider #288

Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Certified School Psychologist (GA, CT, NV, OR, AL)

Adjunct University Professor

ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider

Certified Yoga Instructor

Mindfulness Instructor